How To Disable WhatsApp Group Voice Chat Feature | Try these Settings

WhatsApp launched a new voice chat feature similar to Discord for large groups. The main aim of this new feature is to reduce the disruption compared to the traditional call feature where every member in the group gets alerted.

This feature allows the participants to talk live while still being able to message. Unlike voice call this feature will not ring every member in the group but start voice-chat quietly with a push notification.

Here are some key features about Voice-Chat:
Up to 32 participants: Group voice-chat option enables in a group when there are 32 or more participants in the group.
End-to end encrypted: All voice-chats are end-to-end encrypted, means only participating members hear the conversation.
No call duration limit: WhatsApp yet no call limit for group voice-chats. Percipients ca talk as long as they want.
Ability to text while voice-chatting: User can send and receive text messages in the group when he/she is engaged in voice-chat.
Automatic discounted in case of inactivity: if there is no participant in the voice-chat, the voice-chat will be discounted after 60 minutes.
Available on both Android and IOS: This voice-chat features is available on android as well as IOS users.

What we will discuss is the way to disable the wave like icon from the Whatsapp group and it is only possible if you limit number of members in the group.

How To Disable Voice-Chat in WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer a direct way to disable the voice-chat in groups. However, you can take some other action to achieve similar effect:

Remove Whatsapp group Voice chat

For Individual Users:

Mute notification for voice chats:

Tap on three-dots on the upper right corner. Select “notification” setting and mute notification especially for voice chats. This way you won’t be disturbed when someone starts a voice-chat in the group. This is most appropriate way to ignore this feature.

Leave groups with frequent voice chats:

If you are frequently being disturbed by some groups using voice-chat feature more often, you can simply leave those groups. This step will prevent you to receive voice-chat notifications from those groups.

Block contacts who initiate unwanted group chats:

As a last option, you can block contact from your WhatsApp contact list who is constantly initiating voice-chats. The blocked contact will not able to initiate a voice-chat and also not able to contacting you through any means including group voice-chat.

For group Admins:

Mention in description:

If you are a group administrator the you can discourage group voice-chat feature by mentioning in the group description that the voice-chats are not preferred. This step will make the members of this group to fell hesitate to initiate a group voice-chat.

Suggest alternate communication methods:

As a last resort for group admins, if you notice that group voice-chat are not a convenient way to communicate with the members of group ang some of the members of the group is being disturbed by this new feature, as a group administrator its your duty to suggest some other common alternate methods of communication like text messaging and voice calls.

Remove user making disturbance:

If you are noticing that a group member is initiating voice-chats for no reason just for the amusement and to tease someone you can restrict that user by removing that user from the group.

Other potential solutions (still in development):

Third-Party Apps:

Some third-party apps available in play store that claims they can restrict or disable voice-chat functionality in WhatsApp groups. You can download these apps from play store of Android device and Apple store for IOS device and can use them to disable voice-chat feature on WhatsApp. Caution: be cautious and aware when downloading and using these third-party apps because they can compromise your data privacy on WhatsApp and may violate the WhatsApp’s terms and conditions.

Future updates:

It’s possible that the WhatsApp developer team might add a built-in option to disable voice-chat option or to restrict a specific user to restrict from initiating a voice-chat option in the group. Keep an eye on the official announcements from WhatsApp regarding to get updated about any new launching feature.

Reduce number of group participants to change Voice chat feature into calling feature

This feature is firstly spotted in august and was initially available to the Beta Users of WhatsApp and now voice-chat feature for group chats is roll out globally for both Android and IOS users.
According to the WhatsApp’s support page this feature is limited to groups of 32 to 128 members. Chat will automatically end when the last member of the joined call will leave the session or no one will join the call for 60 minutes.
No message transcript: unlike WhatsApp group text chats and voice calls this feature do not create any transcript for future reference and reviews. This limitation may be inconvenient for the group members for remembering important details.
You can move towards other communication methods like regular calls or voice chat ad texting depending upon your conversation requirements

How many people can participate in WhatsApp voice-chat?

Currently, 33 members can participate in group voice-chat session at a time. This chat option enables to all groups with 33 to 128 members.

How can group administrator control voice chat sessions?

Group admins have limited controls over the voice-chat feature. The group administrator can mute the entire group chat but he/she cannot mute individual participant during call session to assign different roles like listener and speaker.

Is WhatsApp voice chat secure?

Yes, like other features on WhatsApp (Text-Chatting, Video Calling, Voice calls Voice-Notes) group voice-chat feature is totally End-To-End encrypted. This feature also follows the user privacy terms and conditions. Its means that only participants of the voice-chat will hear each other.

How does it differ from voice calls and voice chat feature?

Firstly, only 2 participants (sender, recipient) get engaged in WhatsApp voice calls and voice notes but WhatsApp voice-chat facilitate the people to get engage in the communication up to 332to 128 members at a time.
Secondly, voice calls and voice notes require both parties (sender, receiver) to answer at the time but group voice-chats enables people to join and leave anytime.
Thirdly, voice calls and voice notes are used for One-To-One conversation and for quick updates, on the other side voice-chats are used for group discussions, casual conversation like events.

Can I use chat feature while in a voice-chat?

Yes, probably the participants of the voice-chat can also use chat feature to interact with other members to enhance the communication experience.

How can I avoid unwanted voice-chats invitations?

You can mute voice-chat notification by tapping 3 dots button on the upper right-corner of the WhatsApp. Select “notification” and mute notification according to your choice. Or you can simply leave those group who frequently initiate voice-chat feature. You can also block specific contact from the WhatsApp contact list to restrict that person to start voice-chat with you.

What are the technical requirements for using group voice-chat feature?

Here are some technical requirements for using group voice chat feature of WhatsApp you need a proper and secure internet connection I order to make the conversation free from disruptions. Lags and disruptions can cause due to poor internet connection.
This feature may not be available on all devices and operating systems