How to enable gifts on Instagram reels and get “Send Gift” feature

We have already seen stars on Facebook reels but nowadays we are seeing a gift box on reels on Instagram. It is a similar feature for monetization as Facebook stars are. But the only difference is that those are stars and these are gifts. 

If you have already seen a gift button on Instagram reels and now you want to add the same button on your reels too then this blog post will be helpful for you.  

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To explain all this in a nutshell what you will need for this is a Professional Instagram account, monetization feature approved and you live in an eligible country then you can enable this feature.

Instagram gifts button on Reels – what is it and how do work

It looks more like tiktok gifts when compared to Facebook stars. It is a way for viewers to support their favourite creator and a way for Insta creators to make more money through reels and get more motivation to create more content like this. 

Eligibility criteria for enabling gift feature on reels 

First of all I would like to make it clear that this feature is currently available in USA. it may be available in other countries after few months but there is no confirmation when it will be available for others.

However, if you are from the US then you can think about it. The other thing is that your account must meet eligibility for monetization which includes a professional Instagram account and unique content on it. If you have a creator account and unique content according to the guidelines along with 100000 followers and consistent posting then you can apply this feature. 

It will become more easy for you if you have already monetized your reels with ads before. You should read these guidelines for further details: Instagram monetization requirements

How to get “send gift” button on Instagram reels?

Now if you have a creator account which is eligible for reels gifts monetization then you need to apply these settings for enabling gift icon on your reels:

  • Open Instagram app
  • Tap on plus icon to create a new reel
  • Upload a video here and then tap on “Add” button then tap on “Next”
  • Now scroll down and tap on “Advanced settings”
  • Here you will see “Gifts” option only if you are eligible. Click on this option and set it to toggle on like this:
gifts on Instagram reels

How to send gifts to someone on reels?

You can easily send gifts to a creator but you can send it to one who has enabled this feature. You will see a button “Send gifts” on the page of that creator. When you will click on it, it will ask you for how many stars you want to send as a gift box and then tap on send.

send gifts on reels

You will need to buy stars if you don’t have any. If you have not added a payment method before then you will have to add it because it is important for buying stars. For this: click on your profile icon >> tap on three lines located in top right corner >> then click on “Orders and payments” option and then click on “Add Payment Method”. After entering the payment details you can purchase stars on Instagram and then you can send these stars as gifts box on reels.

adding payment method for buying stars on Instagram

You should keep in mind that these gifts contain stars clusters and these are of virtual currency type which you can convert into dollars.

How to buy stars to send Instagram gifts on reels?

You need some stars balance on Instagram to send gift on Insta reels. You can’t use Facebook stars for this because both are different by now. To buy stars you will have to open a reel on Instagram which have “Send gift” option enabled along with a gift box icon >> tap on that gift box. It will ask you to send a cluster of stars in the form of a gift box >> when you will tap on “Send gift”, it will ask you to purchase stars for this. You can buy stars from there directly using Google PlayStore pay service. 

How much is a gift on Instagram reels worth?

A single star on Instagram has worth of 0.01$. It means that if someone send you a gift containing 1000 stars on reel then you will make 10 dollars through this gift.

What is the minimum threshold for Instagram reels gifts to withdraw?

If your earning through gifts exceeds 25 dollars then you can convert it in real money by transferring it to your account. 

Are Instagram gifts on reels the same as Instagram badges?

No! Both are different things. Instagram badges work on Live stream and Instagram gifts work on Reels.

Can I send Instagram gifts on reels using Facebook stars?

Facebook stars can’t be used for sending gifts on reels. You will need to buy stars on Instagram for this purpose. You can check your stars and current balance under the payment option in your payment settings.