How to find trending audio and sounds for Facebook reels – To make reels viral

If you are a creator on Facebook and upload reels regularly but still you are not getting results then you should check out what is trending. Trends matter a lot especially for a new creator. 

Random work does not give any results, rather you can get good results if you follow the right trends. Before we discuss the main topic, we would like to suggest you: How to find out trending sounds for YouTube shorts?

There are several ways you can try out to find trending sounds on Facebook reels and these include exploring reels on Facebook, checking popular hashtags, keeping an eye on trending reels creators and getting help from third party tools. We will discuss all these ways in details. Let’s check out.

Finding trending audios on Facebook reels

There are several third party apps available on internet which can be used to find out trends for reels but we will discuss other ways too.

Explore facebook reels page

You can find what is trending on reels by exploring reels. You just have to open reels and scroll all reels manually and see which type of sounds have more views. This way you can make a guess about trends. 

It will not show you the exact number of plays because play count is not shown on this page. However, you will be able to see number of likes, shares and comments on it. You can open reels tab after tapping on the profile icon on Facebook which is located in the upper right corner. You will see “Reels” option under the Main Menu on that page.

reels sounds having more views

Explore new hashtags

After that you can see which hashtags are commonly used in trending reels sounds. In general, most of the creators use 3 to 4 hashtags in a reel. But these hashtags must be related to the intent of the reel. Three hashtags in your reel mean that your reel is discoverable in further three topics. 


What you have to do is: Open reels on Facebook >> tap on searchbar >> type “#” and after that type hashtag for example #cuteness. Once you have found multiple hashtags then you can check the music used in the trending reels.

checking hashtags

Keep an eye on popular creators

You can follow popular facebook reels creators and see which music they use in their reels. But it is all manual because you will have to check all creators one by one. Just open the reels of that person and scroll all the reels to check which sound does he uses and what is the progress of different variations.

Check out Facebook reels playlist for trending music

You can save all reels sounds in your reels playlist for later use. During browsing you can find trending reels music and after that you can add them to your audio playlist. You can access them easily by following these simple steps: open activity log >> scroll down and click on “Groups, Events and Reels” option >> click on “Reels audio you have saved” option. Here you will see list of all what you have saved for later use. 

checking saved reels music

Other way is: tap on “Create a reel” option and then click on “Music”. It will show you all music trends near you. If you want to open your saved list then you can open it by tapping on the “Favourite” icon located in the top right corner. Further you can search for it in the searchbar. This list will show you trending music on the top.

trending music

Get help from third party tools or websites

All of the above discussed methods were free from use of any third party app but you can also get help from sites or apps. I found that many sites and tools share ideas about trends which can also be helpful for you. I found an interesting app on playstore. You can check it out: trending viral music charts. However, in my opinion you should find trends yourself rather than depending on any tool. 

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