How to Fix Unoriginal Content on Facebook Reels

Facebook reals is a powerful tool for creating short-form videos, up to 60 seconds long. People all over the world using Facebook reels to build followers, also for promoting their brands and even many of them earning money with Facebook reels. Facebook reels is similar to Instagram, TikTok reels that supports many transition effects, music, AR effects and text overlays and many other creative options.

Unoriginal Content Meaning on Facebook reels

Unoriginal content means the content that lacks the originality and creativity. This can include:

Content copied from other sources

This include audio, video, images, any document and either type of media that is directly downloaded from any other social media platform ad directly posted into the Facebook reels can cause unoriginal content issue when applied for monetization.

Content with minimal edits

If you are adding minimal edits to your previously uploaded content and then repost it, this also included in the unoriginal category according to the Facebook community guidelines and standards. Minor changes like adding a logo and text overlays to existing video and repost it.

Content that reuses copyrighted material

Mostly all types of music videos expect some that are available at other social media platforms like (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter), they are all protected with copyright, if you are using this copyright material in your Facebook reels it also means unoriginal.

Content does not add value

In simple words, Content that is recycles and rehashed without adding a new taste, new fats or information or new perspective is considered unoriginal.

How to fix Unoriginal Content on Facebook reels?

Facing issue of unoriginal content on Facebook reels is most frustrating, especially for those people who want to earn money by uploading reels on Facebook and apply for monetization when the certain criteria met for monetization.
Fortunately, you can take these several steps to avoid this problem and to get back on track. Here’s what you can do:

Identify The Issue with the reels’ content

Review Facebook community guidelines

you should read the Facebook community guidelines carefully to avoid this problem. Facebook community guidelines are available on Facebook official website. You should read especially the sections “unoriginal content” and “limited originality of content”. This will help you to find out your mistakes regarding unoriginal content on Facebook reels.

Facebook reels unoriginal content

Analyze your reels

You should take a close look of all the reels that are flagged unoriginal. You should check every expect of the reels like (tags, mentions, images, audio, background music). Do they have copyrighted material? Or content reuploaded from other platforms without any specific changings.

Check for external logos and text

Deeply analyze your unoriginal flagged Facebook reels that they don’t contain any external logos and overlays. Adding too much external logos and text overlays transition is a major factor of unoriginal content issue in Facebook reels.

Fix Your Reel content

Remove any copyrighted material

Make sure you have necessary rights to use a copyrights material (images, audio, video and other documents) in your Facebook reels. Copyright issue is mostly arising on music used in the reels and often caused by the use of background music in your Facebook reels. If you are facing that issue, find and remove all the reels that subject to unoriginal content on Facebook.

Minimize branded elements

Branding of some material on your Facebook reels is source to earn money on Facebook reels. But some people make mistake they use branded elements excessively in their Facebook reels that may also subject to unoriginal. Avoid using excessive branding that overlays your original content on Facebook reels.

Add original elements

Try to make your reels more attractive and unique by adding your ow voice-over on your reels and by using creative transitions effects and some third-party editing tools to achieve professional results on your Facebook reels.

Focus on creating original content

Instead of re-uploading and mixing content gathered from other social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and twitter, you should focus on creating your own original content based on fats and information. Try to create and share that type of content that is specific to your Facebook followers and Facebook audience.

Edit existing content

If you are facing with the problem of “unoriginal content” on Facebook reels when applying for minimization in an effort to earn money from them, do check of your previous uploading videos and do small edits like add new text overlays, add your own voice over and minor changes similar like that. This tip proves to be very helpful to avoid unoriginal content issue and help you to get your Facebook reels monetized and generate a good revenue from there Facebook reels.

Use Facebook creator studio

Facebook facilitates its creators to use Facebook creator studio for professionally editing of their Facebook reels. Facebook creator studio contain a library of copyright free music as well as background music you can use freely in your Facebook reels without ant ambiguity. With the help of this tool, you can regularly check the performance of your uploaded Facebook reels and Facebook creator studio also helps you to identify any potential issue, including violation of Facebook community guidelines and standards.

Appeal The Decision : On Facebook unoriginal content

If your Facebook reels are identified as unoriginal content when you apply for the monetization, as a creator you can use the option of appeal the decision. Here’s how:
Step 1:
Identify the issue and gather evidence:
• Facebook sends you a notification when you are rejected for minimization and your content have unoriginal content issue. This notification explains why these reels are flagged. This will tell to analyze which policy you violated in your Facebook reels.
• After that review your reels to find the copyright material in your reels and lock the excessive use of branding and lack of originality.
• If you notice that your all-uploaded content doesn’t contain any unoriginal content or copyright materials gather it now. This could include receipt of your licensed music or proof of your own creation.

Step 2:
Submit an appeal:

  1. Open the Facebook app and go to the “notification” tab.
  2. Tap on the notification of your unoriginal content flagged reel.
  3. Then tap click on “appeal”.
  4. Provide a clear and concise statement that why you don’t agree with this decision.
  5. If you have any evidence related to this, attach this with your appeal.
  6. Submit your appeal and wait from Facebook response.

Step 3:
Be patient and professional:
Appeal can take up to several days to weeks to be processed so be calm and patient in this regard.
 Be polite and professional in your appeal against Facebook decision.
 Provide clear evidence to support your case.
 Avoid blaming Facebook or Facebook team.
 If your appeal denied, you can directly contact with the Facebook support team.

FAQs on Facebook unoriginal content on reels

How to check unoriginal content on Facebook reels?

Review content manually: Regularly check the content of your reels on Facebook. Deeply analyze your all-uploaded images, audio used in your reels if you find any difficulty to get monetization of your Facebook reels.
Use plagiarism detection tool: There are many tools are available on the internet to easily detect the plagiarism in your Facebook reels. You can use these tools to check whether your posts or incudes text material doesn’t match with another person content.
Monitor comments and reports: Keep an eye on all comments from your followers as well as other audience also check and balance the reported content of your Facebook reel. Sometime the users or followers will teel you about the copyright material used in the reels through the comment section.

How long does Facebook detect Unoriginal Content?

The time span of Facebook to detect unoriginal content is based upon several factors like the type of content, nature of content and numbers of reports and user activity.
Here are some general estimates:
For blatant copyright: Facebook can detect this within minutes or hours.
For content with minor edits: Facebook might take few days or even weeks to detect this type on unoriginal content.
For content that is flagged by multiple users: Facebook can investigate it within a single day or in 2 days.
For content that is generated a lot of engagement: Facebook might detect it within few hours after the uploading or sometimes take some days for its detection.