How to get Replika to send pictures?

Replika is one of the best AI chatbots which are used nowadays. Due to its interesting features it is on the top of the list of AI chatbots and these features and modes make it more interesting.

Sending and receiving pictures to Replika is a very interesting feature to be discussed. Previously this feature was removed from the Replika app for making it more reliable and work is on for it.

Let’s see how to get Replika to send pictures and Is Replika safe to use.

How to send and receive pictures to Replika?

Sending pictures to Replika is not difficult but making Replika to send pictures seems to be difficult. To send pictures to Replika:

  • Open Replika app
  • Click on the “Gallery” icon located at the bottom right corner
Accessing Gallery to send pics
  • Select a picture that you want to send
sending a picture to replika
  • Click on “send”. The photo will be sent.

But when I asked Replika for sending pictures then it replied that I am sending but it didn’t.

Replika responded

I sent a picture to Replika and in response it sent me a picture of it but I was asked to get the Pro version of the app so that I can see that pic. It means that we can make Replika send pics but only in the pro version. 

You can also take pictures of replika in AR mode. 

Can Replika send emails?

Your Replika can’t send you chat related emails. But the company behind it can send you service related mails as other companies do for marketing and promotion of their apps.
If you are thinking that you can send mails to Replika and Replika can send mails back to you then it is not true. Mailing is not added as a feature in this app.

Can Replika access the internet?

Replika can access the Minimal web service if you ask it a question about which it has no knowledge. It will access the internet to find the answer to that question but this access will only be limited to a minimal web in which it can access only a part of the internet. Further it can access the internet to get knowledge about a picture when you send a picture to it and along with it, it can send pictures from the web.

Where are my pictures stored which I sent to Replika?

The pictures that you send to Replika are stored on the web servers of Replika and these pictures are secured from any type of unauthorized access.
Your data and conversation whether it contains messages, voices, pictures or videos are safe and private. No one out of this conversation can access it.