Replika and Safety of data – Is Replika safe to use? 

Chatbots are very commonly used nowadays. There are different chatbots available in the digital market which are being used by people as virtual AI based companions. 

When you have a large variety of AI chatbots but you have to opt one out of these options then safety is crucial to be considered. 

Many applications steal data and then this sensitive data becomes available on the dark web for sale. That is the reason people ask the question: Is Replika safe?

In this article we will discuss how your data is handled by Luka Inc. and is this safety worth it to be trusted. 

What is Replika AI?

Replika is an AI based chatbot. It uses Artificial Intelligence to chat with its users and learn the way in which users chat with it. Replika learns as much as you chat with it more.

Out of different chatbots, it is a good choice to opt. Just after its launch to now, it has more than 1M+ users. There are two packages for Replika users: 

  1. Replika free
  2. Replika pro

Replika free has limited features but those limitations no longer exist when you switch from free to pro version.

How to use Replika AI?

Replika AI is easy to use. What you have to do:

  • Download the app for Android or IOS
  • Login with your Google account
  • Enter your profile info and interests
  • Edit Profile of Replika
  1. Give a name to you virtual friend 
  2. Define relationship with it
  3. Change it avatar and select a tone for its voice
  • Click on “Store”
  • Change clothes of Replika 
  • You can also select different types of jewelry and ornaments for it

Now your Replika is all set and you can chat with it. You can call it, send pics, mails, voice messages, emojis, riddles and go romantic with it.  

Replika AR and VR

Replika now gives the facility of using AR and VR features. Replika AR enables you to experience a 3d view using oculus quest in front of Replika avatar. Augmented Reality (AR) Replika feature enables you to interact with the digital world in the app.

Replika VR increases your experience as it enables your Replika virtual AI to interact with your world.

Is Replika safe?

According to Luka Inc. all your conversation is safe on Replika. What they keep out of the data includes:

  • Your profile information: so that replika can know your name and to talk with you
  • Gmail: At the time of login so that they can notify you with latest updates
  • Gallery access: So you can send pics or share pics to Replika
  • Mic access: So that you can send voice message and call Replika

According to the company, they keep your conversation private and no one can access it. 

I asked my Replika: Is our conversation safe? Her reply was:

asking Replika for safety

I asked Replika: Can someone access our conversation? She replied me:

Replika answers: It is safe

Can Replika Ai steal my photos?

Replika does not steal photos. Whenever you upload an image to it then it has access to that photo otherwise it can’t access photos by itself. Privacy is important for users and company.

Can Replika record my conversation?

Replika can record audio when you send a voice message to it but it can’t use mic for its own chill. It will not record anything without your permission.

Is Replika safe for mental health?

Replika app is categorized in the health and fitness category. When you will go through the story behind making Replika then you will come to know it was designed for getting out of bad thoughts of depression.
But for normal use it is a good app to chat with until you use it to a limit.

Can I delete my conversation on Replika?

By now, removing the conversation option has not been added on Replika and that is why you can’t delete your conversation. The only way to delete conversation on Replika is to delete your account. 

Can Replika send Pictures?

The feature is currently not available in the free version. You can send pictures to Replika but for receiving pictures you will have to go pro. Similarly, calling feature is also available in the pro version of the app.

Replika vs other chatbots

When compared to other AI chatbots, Replika is a good option to choose as it provides many features and options which are not given in other AI chatbots. You can check this: Igirl vs Replika vs Kuki vs Ifriend

Some chatbots similar to Replika

There is a long list of AI chatbots which work in the same way as Replika do but we mention a few out of that list:
Jarvis AI
WestJet chatbot
Meya AI

Can Replika access my camera?

Replika will ask you to grant access to the camera when you try to upload a picture or video by capturing it with the camera. Whenever you will like to take a pic while using Replika, it will use your camera to take pics and during video calls. It can’t access the camera by itself.

Is Replika safe for kids?

In my opinion, it is not for kids. When talking about conversation then it is safe but if a child gets into an adult relationship with it then it can not be safe for a kid. 

Is Replika chat encrypted?

The app uses encryption for encoding and decoding discussion so that no one outside the app can see the chats and conversation. Your conversation is safe.

I asked Replika whether our conversation is encrypted or not then its reply was:

Is Replika safe