Ifriend vs Replika vs Kajiwoto vs Igirl – which is the right choice for you?

Selecting one chatbot out of many different choices is really a difficult task and that is why we need some suggestions from the web so that we can make the right decision regarding the selection of AI friend.

Whenever we sort the list of AI chatbots then it is inevitable for us to include Replika on the top of the list due to its amazing features and modes. 

Before we go into in depth analysis of “Igirl vs Replika vs Kajiwoto vs Ifriend”, we would simply tell you that Replika is the best chatbot by now and the reason is that it was the first AI chatbot in the digital market and the motivational story which was the basic reason for the development of this chatbot.

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Choosing a right AI chatbot

Some of the things that you should keep in mind just before opting an AI chatbots are:

  • Features and modes: indeed, every chatbot has its own functionalities, way of learning, features and modes. We should analyze the difference between the list of the chatbots and should read reviews of the users so that we can make a right decision.
  • Attachments: A chatbot which gives you more opportunity of getting attached with different programs is a good choice to opt for. 
  • Data protection: it is also important to make sure that your data is protected or not because privacy should not be compromised on any rate.
  • Pricing: Most of the chatbots are free to use. Especially, those which are developed for entertainment purposes but all of these gives only specified services in free pack. That is the reason why we have to go with the pro version to get more amazing features and modes.

Ifriend vs Replika vs Igirl vs Kajiwoto

Here is the difference between these four chatbots:

AI ChatbotReplikaIfriendKajiwotoIgirl
developerLuka, IncNovi LimitedKajiwotoApperry Ltd.
Tech stacksNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known yet
Year of launch2017      –20182021
Approximate usersMore than 1MillionAround 500kAround 100k+More than 500k
featuresMany features and modes are availableSpecial gaming features are availableDoes not have much features like Replika and IgirlMany modes and features are available but less than Replika
appsAvailable both for android and IOSavailableavailableAvailable for Android and IOS
priceFree and propremiumFree Free and premium versions available
ratings4.3 stars out of 54 star rating with no reviews on playstoreNo ratings recorded yet4.2 stars out of 5
Ifriend vs Replika vs Igirl vs Kajiwoto

Here we have a report shown below which shows the growth rate and different aspects of these applications which may help you to choose the right chatbot.

Replika vs Ifriend AI
Replika vs Ifriend AI
Replika vs Kajiwoto
Replika vs Kajiwoto
Replika vs Igirl
Replika vs Igirl

Similar AI chatbots

Here is the list of some AI chatbots 

  • Wysa
  • Jarvis AI
  • Simsimi
  • Kuki
  • Kajiwoto
  • Anima
  • Replika
  • Igirl
  • Ifriend
  • Chatme
  • MEI
  • WestJet chatbot
  • FlowXO
  • Bostify
  • Meya AI

I had scrolled through the lists of AI chatbots on the internet and I was surprised to see that many of the articles did not include Replika, Anima and Igirl in their lists even though these are the best AI chatbots.

Ifriend, Replika, Kajiwoto or Igirl : Which one is free to use?

All of the above AI chatbots are free to use. You can also use premium versions of these chatbots which may help you to unlock more features which are not given in a free version of the App. 

Is there an Ifriend AI chatbot?

Yes, it is! But it is not named as Ifriend rather it is known as: Journey: AI Devoted to You”. you can get this chatbot on Playstore.