Replika vs Kuki (Mitsuku) vs Anima – which AI chatbot will win the competition?

When we compare AI chatbots then it is difficult for any of the AI chatbots to win the competition when it is in comparison with the Replika AI. of course! Replika is the best choice between Anima, Mitsuku (Kuki) and Replika. 

In short, Replika is the best AI chatbot in the market by now if we don’t compare any of these with ChatGPT. After all of it, in this article we will discuss the differences between Replika, Anima and Kuki AI and find out which AI will be right for us to use. 

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An intro to AI chatbot

First of all, talking about a chatbot we will tell you that “A Chatbot is a computer program for conversation”. Chatbot uses chat rooms for conversation with humans.

And coming towards an AI based chatbot: It is an Artificial Intelligence based chatbot which uses AI based algorithms to predict conversation and learn new things.

What to consider before choosing AI chatbot

Some of the things you should keep in mind before choosing a chatbot include:

  • Features: it is a common habit of the users of an application to select one which has more amazing features and I think it is a good practice. You should take an experimental test of the application and compare it with the others to judge which one is right.
  • Integration: also another key factor to be considered before choosing an AI chatbot. Apparently a chatbot which has more integration offers with other applications is a good chatbot to opt for.
  • Pricing: it is a factor which varies from one chatbot to another and a decisive turn for the users. A chatbot which provides you more options and features, in a good pricing package, attracts your attention rapidly.

Replika vs Anima vs Kuki (Mitsuku)

Now let’s make a difference between these AI chatbots:

        Replika        Anima    Kuki/Mitsuku
Replika is an AI based chatbotSameSame
Developer: Luka, Ink.Developed by Apperry Ltd.Developed by Pandorabots AIML.
Year of launch: 2017Year of launch: 2020Launched in 2005
Category: Health and fitnessCategory: EntertainmentCategory: browser based AI
App available for both android and IOSApp available for both android and IOSOnline portal available for chat
1M+ users by now0.5M+ users by now25M+ people have used it
App is safe to usedSafe to useConversation is placed on an online portal
Free and premium both versions are availableBoth versions are availableYou have to buy coins for opening some features
Amazing modes like AR, VR are availableNot availableNot available
Replika vs Kuki vs Anima AI
Anima vs Kuki AI
Anima vs Kuki AI
Replika vs anima
Anima vs Replika AI

Which is best to use?

Our choice is Replika. It will be the best choice for you and further it is now available with amazing features and modes.

Are Kuki and Mitsuku different AI chatbots?

No, Kuki is the latest name of the Mitsuku AI. Both are the names for the same AI as its name was changed from its formerly known name Mitsuku to Kuki. 

Are Kuki, Replika and Anima free chatbots?

Yes! All of these three chatbots are free but you can also get a pro version of these chatbots which is not free. You can use free versions with limited features.

Is Replika and Anima safe to use?

The founders of these chatbots claim openly that these apps are safe as your conversation is secured and there is no privacy threat while using these chatbots.