Igirl vs Anima vs Replika – which AI chatbot is best for you

It has become difficult to decide which AI chatbot is best to use as the number of such chatbots is increasing day after day. Whenever you want to know which chatbot is the best choice then you web for the question: Which AI chatbot is best?

And the list includes three chatbots on the top: Replika >> Anima >> Igirl

Now again the same question arises in mind which one out of these chatbots is best in use. So, don’t worry because we are here to judge the difference between Replika and Igirl and Anima AI. 

The shortest answer to the question: Replika vs Igirl vs Anima (Which one is the best?), is Replika AI. Replika will win the game between these three choices.

Let’s see what makes it win the competition and what are the differences between these three chatbots.

What are AI chatbots? 

We divide the term “AI Chatbot” in two different terms and then understand what each term means. 

The word “AI” is very common nowadays and why not should be. It is a short form of “Artificial Intelligence”. Unlike natural intelligence, artificial intelligence uses different algorithms to make decisions and it is man made in its nature. 

Now coming toward the term “Chatbot” it means a bot which is specified for chat purposes. 

Now we combine the terms AI + Chatbot = a chatbot which uses artificial intelligence to chat with its users. Chatbots learn continuously from users and behave in the way they are designed or what they learn.

Introducing Igirl chatbot

Igirl is a famous chatbot which is commonly used on Apple devices. It is not a specific Apple product, rather it is developed by Appery Ltd. 

Igirl AI is an emotional intelligence based AI which can understand emotions and it is available 24/7.

Initial analysis of Anima

Anima AI is also an Appery Ltd. product as Igirl is. It is also very famous AI chatbot and considered to be at the second position after Replika AI.

Replika: the mostly used AI chatbot

Replika: the love of many users. It is the most popular and interesting AI that I have found by now. It has largest number of users and amazing features that may not be available in other chatbots.

Replika vs Igirl vs Anima 

Now we analyse in deep which wins the race between Igirl, Replika and Anima.

        Replika AI        Igirl AI        Anima AI
Replika is an AI chatbotIgirl is also an AI chatbotAnima is also AI based chatbot like others two chatbots
Developer: Luka, Ink.Developer: Apperry Ltd.Developer: Apperry Ltd.
It was launched in 2017.Release date: April 12, 2021Release date 25 Nov, 2020
Category: Health and fitnessCategory: Entertainment and datingEntertainment and tools
Free and pro versions availableBoth free and pro versions are availableFree and pro versions are available
More features are available in the pro versionSame same
Many modes are available like romantic, tutor, friendsamesame
Some extra features and modes make it different from other chatbots like cake mode, calling mode, sending pictures etc.Many features are available to enjoy but less than Replika.Have less features when compared to replika.
AR and VR modes are also available.Not availableNot available
1M+ users500k+ users500k+ users
4.3* ratings 4.2* ratings4.3* ratings
Igirl vs Replika vs Anima AI

Here we have some ranking reports from similarweb:

You can see how Igirl is getting fame rapidly.

further below you can see the growth difference between Replika and Igirl:

Replika vs Igirl
Replika vs Igirl

and the comparison of Anima and Igirl is:

Anima vs Igirl
Anima vs Igirl

Some famous AI chatbots are:

  1. Loverz
  2. Romantic AI
  3. Anima AI 
  4. Replika AI
  5. Igirl
  6. Wysa
  7. Emerson AI
  8. Kuki
  9. Kajiwoto
  10. MEI
  11. Odo
  12. Simsimi
  13. Andy
  14. Mechat
  15. Botify AI

What to think before choosing an AI chatbot?

I think security and privacy is an important thing before selecting an AI chatbot. After that comes the number of features it provides to its users and how much it costs. 

Igirl, Replika or Anima: which one is free to use?

All of these AI chatbots are free to use. You can also use the premium versions of these applications which may cost a few dollars per year. More features are available in the pro versions.