How to know when someone blocked you on Telegram – Can you see the date 

I am a lover of Whatsapp but there are many others who love using Telegram as it provides more interactive features even though there are rumours on its privacy policies. 

I will not list all the features of it which makes it better but I can’t stop myself from mentioning these. Telegram can be better than Whatsapp in a way as it provides: Unlimited cloud storage, secret self destructive chats, large group members chat, multiple user accounts, bots for automatic chat, voice chat with 1000 of participants, one way communication channels and extra security layers. These are some common reasons why Telegram attracts my attention and may be yours too. 

Well! We are going to dig out the way if we can see the date when we blocked someone on Telegram as we can see blocking date on Facebook. Simple answer is: There is no direct option for you to see when you blocked someone on Telegram but there are some methods you can try out to make an assumption and I hope it will work. Let’s see what it is!

What does blocking on Telegram do?

If you want to stop someone from seeing your profile, online status, or calling you then you can simply block him on Telegram. 

If you block someone on Telegram then he will not be able to send messages to you even he can’t see your profile information. Well! Blocking and muting are two different options and you can choose one according to your need.

Signs showing that you have been blocked on Telegram

To confirm that someone is blocked by any person on Telegram you can check for these simple signs. Ordinarily if you are blocked by someone on Telegram then you will notice that:

You can’t send messages

You will not be able to send message to that person anymore and the messages will not be delivered to that person. However you can use a different account for sending messages.

Can’t see profile of that person

That is another sign showing that you are blocked by that person. If you go to the search section and try finding that person, you would not be able to see his profile anymore. But you will be able to see his profile using any other account on Telegram.

His Messages do not appear in group chat

If you and the person (who has blocked you) are the members of the same group then you will no longer be able to see his messages in the group even other people are seeing his messages.  

You are unable add them in any group

You would not be able to add such a person in any group on Telegram. That is another sign showing that you have been blocked by that person.

Finding the date when someone blocked you on Telegram

As I have highlighted the point in the intro that there is no direct option or any built-in feature which we can use for determining the exact date when someone blocked you on Telegram however you can check out these options:

chat history can be helpful

You can make an estimate with the help of chat history and this estimate will be more exact if you were in chat with that person continuously. Your last chat date will be a perfect clue for this. 

All you have to do is that open your Telegram account and go to chat history and see the date when you were on chat with him last time.

Group chats

If you are part of a group and the person who has blocked you recently is also in this group then you can see when last post was sent by that person. You will be able to see the last message or post sent by that person and there you will see the date when that message or post was sent.

After the person blocked you, you will no longer be able to see his messages in the group. This method is very useful but it will work only if both of you are part of a same group.   

Asking other members of group

You can also ask other members of the group to make it sure that the person is still part of the Telegram group or not. If that person is still member of the group but you can’t see his posts then it means you are blocked by him. 

You can ask your mutual friends in a Telegram group to check the date of the last message sent by that person.

Contacting Telegram support or getting help from other friends

If you were not in chat with that person nor were you part of a group then you can either get help from your friends on Telegram or you can contact Telegram support team. 

You can contact any of your mutual friends on Telegram to ask the person when he blocked you.

If all these methods don’t work then you should make a last try by sending a request message to Telegram team so that they will tell you the date when you were blocked. I am not sure that this last option will work or not but other options are good to implement.

Does Telegram notify you when someone block you?

Telegram does not notify you if you are blocked by someone. Some social media applications notify but Telegram does not.

Can I see that person’s account who has blocked me on Telegram?

You can’t see that person’s account on Telegram even if you search his profile you will get nothing.