How to save YouTube shorts to | playlist | Watch Later | Favourites

It is difficult to stop yourself from scrolling YouTube Shorts because every YouTube short which comes after an interesting short is more interesting. 

By now most of the people have become used to YouTube shorts. Shorts are easy way of consuming more content in less time.

While scrolling YouTube shorts we may come across such shorts videos we don’t want to skip and we want to save them in a playlist, watch later list or in favourites so that we can get our liked shorts back whenever we need.

When we look for a way it seems to be difficult when compared to saving normal YouTube videos because we can easily navigate the save option for saving videos.

But you should not worry because now you can save your favourite youtube shorts to a playlist so that you can watch later whenever you want.

  • For this open the YouTube short you want to save in a playlist 
  • Tap on three dots icon
  • Click on Save to Playlist
  • Select the playlist where you want to save the short

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Way to save YouTube shorts to playlists

You can easily save YouTube shorts in a playlist by following these steps:

  • Open a short on Youtube
  • Tap on three dots in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Save to playlist” 
  • Check the box in front of the playlist name and tap on “done”.

This is very easy to do. Let’s we check:

how to save youtube shorts in playlist

Open YouTube short

First of all you have to open the short video which you want to save in the playlist. 

You can open shorts either by searching or by scrolling into the shorts feed.

Save that short in your playlist

Once you have selected a short for saving then you will have to tap on the three dots in the upper right corner to see available options.

three dots icon

You can also get these options by long pressing on the short screen if you are using a smartphone.

Now you have to click on “Save to Playlist” option.

Save shorts to Playlist option

You can select an old playlist or you can tap on “New Playlist” option to create a new one. After adding the title name of the playlist you have to click on “Create” to create that playlist.

saving shorts in playlist

Once you select a playlist then you can save the short in that playlist by tapping on “Done” option.

How to save YouTube shorts to Watch Later

I have found two ways to save shorts in Watch later. 

  • First one is to make a Playlist with the name “Watch later”
  • Second option is to react on that short.

Actually watch later is a general playlist in case of long videos. While watching long YouTube videos you will see “Watch later” option below the video. By tapping on that option you can save the video in a Playlist and then you can get your video from there whenever you want.

In case of YouTube shorts you will have to make the “Watch later” playlist by yourself.

You can do this by long pressing the screen >> tap on “Save to Playlist” >> tap on “ Create New playlist” >> name the playlist with “Watch later” text >> click on done.

Watch later shorts playlist

Adding YouTube shorts to Favourites

There is no direct option on YouTube to add shorts to favourites as we can do on reels or other short video platforms. 

However, you can make a playlist with “Favourites” title and add your favourites in that playlist by tapping on the “save to playlist option”.

adding shorts to favourites

Can I add long YouTube videos in YouTube shorts playlists?

Yes, you can long and short YouTube videos in the same playlist. The only difference is the accessibility of the options. All other features are similar.

Is it possible to rearrange the order of YouTube shorts in the Playlist?

Yes! You can sort saved YouTube shorts in the playlist by applying date added, date published or most popular. 
For sorting shorts playlist click on the “Library” option >> open a playlist >> tap on the sort button and apply whatever method you want for sorting.

How can I create a new playlist for saving YouTube shorts?

You can do this by tapping on the three dots >> Save to playlist >> Create new >> click on done after naming it.

How to access my added favourites and saved shorts on YouTube?

If you have added the shorts in a playlist then you can get them by accessing “Playlist” under the “Library” tab located at the right bottom.
But if you have not saved the short in a playlist then you can search it in your watch history or reaction history in your Google account.