How to share Instagram reels to Facebook feed in an easy way?

Sharing posts from one platform to another platform helps in increasing the outreach and getting more attention. That is the reason why social media platforms are used to share posts from one platform to another as there is a huge potential in these platforms.

You can cross share Instagram posts on Facebook and Facebook posts on Instagram for getting more public attention. 

Similarly, you can share instagram reels to Facebook feed and in this article we are going to discuss how we can do this.

Sharing reels from Facebook to Insta and vice versa

Cross sharing is important especially when you have Facebook and Insta accounts attached. Cross sharing helps you to get more public attention and increases your chances of getting more views.

Reels are short videos on Instagram and Facebook which get viral and have good public attraction as many people now like to use short content. 

If you are also posting reels on Instagram then you should also share these reels to Facebook by connecting a Facebook account. Here is how to do this:

  • To share instagram reels on Facebook news feed open your Instagram app
  • Open reels on Instagram
  • Click on three dots located in the lower corner
  • Here you have options to share reels on Facebook Group, Feed and Page.

This is the manual option for sharing reels but if you want to share Insta reels automatically to Facebook then:

  • First of Log in to your Instagram profile
  • Click on three lines located in the upper right corner on your Profile page
  • Now open “Settings”
  • Now go to “Accounts” option
  • Tap on “Sharing to other apps” option
  • Link your Facebook account to your Insta account by clicking on Facebook
  • Now click on “Start sharing to Facebook”. Now all your reels that you will upload on your Instagram account will automatically be uploaded to Facebook.

You can share Facebook reels on Instagram manually but there is no option to do this directly:

  • First of all open your Facebook profile 
  • Open a reel you want to share to Instagram
  • Click on the share icon and share it on Instagram
  • Or you can download this reel from Facebook and then post it on Instagram

How to share Instagram reel to Facebook feed?

The method that we have discussed above will post Instagram reels on Facebook automatically. Now we discuss how to post Insta reels on Facebook News Feed:

  • First of all log in to your instagram profile
  • On  your Instagram profile Page click on “Reels” icon to open reels
  • Click on “3 dots” icon 
  • Click on “Share” option
sharing option
  • Here you can see the “News Feed” option. Tap on it
sharing insta reels on fb news feed
  • It will redirect you to “Share to Facebook” page.
  • After typing the preview and tagging people you can click on the “Post” option to share it on Facebook feed.
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This way you can share reels from one social media platform to another. If you want to get all this process done with ease then you should install Meta Business Suite and connect your Insta and FB accounts with this app to make cross sharing easy. Further it will help you to see Insta and fb insights and views easily. 

How to share instagram reels to Facebook story?

To share insta reels on Facebook story:
Open Insta profile
Open reels to share
Click on the “share to story” icon located above “three dots” icon
Here you will see option “Add reel to your story”
Click on the option and post it.

How to share instagram reels to Facebook business page?

When you click on three dots icon on instagram reels page you will see different option for sharing your reels on Facebook groups and Facebook feed but there is no direct option for sharing reels on facebook business page.
So you need to download reels from instagram to your device and then you can share reels on Facebook Business Page manually.