How to tag someone in a Facebook reel after posting?

Tagging someone on Facebook is very common but many of us are unaware of its meanings and its importance. Not only we use tags in Facebook but also in other social media platforms like Insta, Twitter, WhatsApp and tiktok. 

Whenever we tag someone in a Facebook reel then we are actually adding a link to his profile to mention that this person who has been tagged in this post is attached with this post.

You can say tagging is not only all about adding a link to someone’s profile rather it can be used to give credits as we do in blog posts.

We can tag someone in a Facebook reel after posting the reel just by this simple method:

Open your Facebook profile >> open the reel you want to tag in someone >> click on three dots >> click on “Edit post” >> click on “tag someone” >> tag the person and save the post.

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Tagging someone on a Facebook post

If you are going to upload a group photo then you will see small boxes appearing on all faces of the group members as Facebook recognizes different faces in the group and gives you an option to tag (adding link of their profiles) those members. You can easily tag these people:

  • First of all open your Facebook app
  • Try sharing a post on Facebook 
  • Before you share a post find “Tag” option in the bottom right corner
  • Add the people you want to tag in 
  • Click on “Done”
  • You can also tag people in the group photos if you are going to share a photo by clicking on the face of the person

How to tag on a fb post after you posted?

Sometimes you forget to tag friends on a Facebook post while sharing a post but you can tag them after sharing the post easily. Here is how you can:

  • Open the posts you have shared on Facebook
  • Open the post in which you want to tag someone
  • Click on the three dots icon found in the upper right corner on the post
  • Here click on the “Tag” option
  • Select the friends or people you want to tag
  • After selecting people you want to tag click on “Done”

This way you can tag someone on a Facebook post after you have shared the post. 

How to tag someone in a Facebook reel after posting reels?

First of all we will see how to tag someone on Facebook reels. For  this you have to:

  • Open Facebook profile
  • Click on “reels” option located beside “posts” option
  • Click on “create reels” and select a reel video
selecting a reel
  • Click on “Next”
tagging friends in reel
  • In the description add hashtags for tagging someone. To tag someone type “#” and then the name of the person you want to tag. You can tag several people. 
tagging with hashtags
  • Once you have tagged all your friends then click on “Share now”.

This way you can tag someone on Facebook reels videos but what about tagging someone after you have posted the reel. 

  • I have not found a direct method for this as there is not such option available as you can do in other Facebook posts but don’t worry about this. Open your profile on Facebook and go to profile settings.
accessing profile settings
  • If you go to the “Manage posts” option and click on a post then there you will see an option for untagging someone. It will be used in a case when you want to untag someone.
untagging option
  • Below this option is the “Review posts and tags” option. Click on “Review Tags on your posts” here you can open a specific post or fb reel and manage the people you tagged.

Is tagging and mentioning in a Facebook post the same?

Tagging adds a link to the person’s profile whom you tag and it can only be done by the creator of the content or publisher. Furthermore tagged posts appear separately whereas mentioned posts appear in the feed and may be lost if there are more than hundred suggestions already. Unlike tagging, mentioning can be done by anyone rather than publisher.