How to add subscribe button on YouTube shorts and Enable enhanced mode

YouTube shorts, unlike long videos, are a good booster for increasing number of subscribers. Every YouTuber wants to increase subscriber count and I think shorts are the best way for this. You can say that it is the “shortcut method”. 

This small button can take your channel to the next level. If the “subscribe button” is missing from your shorts then there is a very small probability that people watching your shorts will subscribe to your channel. By default subscribe button is enabled on shorts itself and you don’t need to enable it yourself.

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Why you need to enable “subscribe” button on YouTube shorts

You know it very well! Why you need youtube subscribe button on shorts videos? If you don’t have this button on your shorts then a viewer will not be able to subscribe to your channel directly. However, he can subscribe to your channel even if he is not able to see this button on shorts page. For this, he will have to tap on your channel icon and then open your channel homepage >> after that he can click on “Subscribe” button. 

But if you have noticed, there is low chance for this, especially if you compare it with a channel having this button enabled directly on the shorts page.

Adding subscribe button on YouTube shorts

First of all keep it in mind that you don’t need to add subscribe button on shorts because it exists itself by default. But a question will arise in your mind that you are not seeing this type of button on your shorts even when you opened your shorts from your friend’s phone.

subscribe button on shorts

The problem does not rely in your settings because when someone will subscribe to your channel, he will not be able to see subscribe button on shorts anymore. If you scroll shorts from anyone’s YouTube account who has not subscribed to your channel yet, you will see that this button will appear on every single short. But right after you subscribe to this channel, it will not appear anymore. That is the main thing to understand. 

no button

YouTube shorts subscribe animation :Designing a Your YouTube Shorts Videos with a Subscribe Button 

However, you can design a YouTube shorts subscribe animation which can help you to convert your viewers into subscribers. There are many possible ways for this. I will discuss one out of those here: 

  • You need to have Kinemaster for this or you can use CapCut or Canva for this purpose. Open kinemaster.
  • And choose aspect ratio 9 : 16 for shorts.
  • Download and import an Animation of subscribe. If you are using CapCut or Canva then you will not have to download it separately but in Kinemaster you will have to import it after downloading from internet.
  • In CapCut, tap on “Stickers” and select one for “Subscribe”.
designing subscribe animation
  • You can also change the duration of this animation to set it to a specific portion of the video.
  • Once your short is complete, you can download it.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Adding a Subscribe Button

In one sense, subscribe or follow button can be helpful in increasing subscribers count. On the other hand it can also harm your channel if you don’t follow the right steps for it.

The way it can damage your videos is that if you place a short which is not relevant to your channel niche and it goes viral then the subscribers coming through this sort video will not be interested in your other videos. It can reduce Clicks per thousand Impressions which can result in low CTR. that is what you have to avoid.

Measure the Impact of Your Subscribe Button using YouTube insights

You can check which of your YouTube shorts are getting more subscribers. For this you will have to install YouTube Studio on your phone and connect it with your channel >> after that tap on “Analytics” option >> then “Audience” >> scroll to the right and tap on “Subscribers” to see new subscribers count.

Why is the subscribe button not showing on my shorts?

This is because you are watching your shorts from an account which is already your subscriber. If you watch your shorts from another YouTube account who is not your subscriber, you will see that button enabled.