How to fix “CapCut templates not showing on tiktok”: try these tips

Are you a noob in video editing? Don’t worry! I am also. I can feel what it feels when you have to rely on others resources rather than using your own and this feels more bad when there is a problem in loading that resource.

I am talking about Capcut templates which are pre-built layouts for videos. These layouts are a combination of different effects, transitions and edits. And there is a wide range of Variety for such templates which come in all types of effects and can be used in many types of tiktok videos. 

The reason why a noob relies on pre-built templates is very clear. It saves a lot of time and effort. You don’t need to make your own templates. You can just drag and drop your content in the template on capcut and make your own video in an easy way without knowing a bit of editing. If you don’t know how to use capcut templates for tiktok then you can read our guide on it.

Let’s check out what can be the reason behind “Try this template” option is not showing and how we can fix “Capcut templates not showing” problem.

Reasons why “Try this template” button is not showing n tiktok videos

Compatibility issues:

Sometimes both of the applications that we have inter-connected may not be compatible with one another. In this situation this problem can occur. If you are using the previous version of the tiktok app then it causes this incompatibility issue.

Network connectivity can also be the cause:

It is the very common reason which can prevent a page from loading properly. In such a case, the page will not load properly and that is why you will not be able to see all the on page options. 

Tiktok and Capcut connectivity:

If you have not installed Capcut app on your phone and connected it with your tiktok account then you may not be able to redirect from tiktok to capcut. In this case you will see the Capcut template option but following that option will not redirect you to the right page. 

Scrolling in a wrong way:

If you are scrolling tiktok videos which are imported from the Camera roll rather than from Capcut then the feature may be missing. Even if those videos are made with capcut templates, you will not see the option.

Fixing: capcut templates not showing on tiktok

Fix 1:

You know well, when you click on “try this template” option then it takes you to the Capcut app. It shows that both of the apps are connected and that is the reason why you can easily export your videos from capcut to tiktok.

Fix 2:

If you are scrolling tiktok videos on slow internet connection then it is not a new thing that some of the on page content will not be loaded properly. In such a situation you should switch your internet connection to a strong one.

Fix 3

If any of the 2 apps is not up to date then it can also cause issues. You should update both tiktok and capcut. Just open PlayStore on android and Istore on Iphone and update both apps. There is a lot of chance that it will fix your problem.

Fix 4

Properly connect tiktok and capcut accounts. It will make it easy to directly redirect from tiktok to capcut. For this install capcut app on your phone >> tap on “Me” option located in the right bottom >> click on “Sign in with tiktok” option >> tap on “Authorize access”. Now both of your apps will be  interconnected.

Pro tips

The feature may be missing if someone has uploaded a video after editing in the Capcut using capcut templates for tiktok. But he uploaded the video from the camera roll. That is why you capcut template option is not showing on the video. In such a case you can check out similar videos. 

Or you should search for the “Capcut templates” in the tiktok searchbar. Similarly, you can search templates on the capcut. 


To conclude you can fix this problem by updating both of your apps and connecting both apps properly.

I hope if you try all these fixes, one by one, it will solve your problem and you will be able to enjoy capcut templates feature on tiktok.