How to see linked Instagram accounts on Facebook?

Both Instagram and Facebook are Meta Social platforms and that is the reason these two platforms support cross sharing and many of the features which are supported on Instagram are also supported on Facebook. 

Even Instagram is 6 years younger than Facebook, it has same attraction and engagement of the public as Facebook has. Many features like stories, reels, pages, profiles, sharing, liking and commenting are common in both applications.

That is the reason why these two platforms are interconnected and support cross sharing from one to another. 

You can link your Instagram account with Facebook and Facebook account with Instagram to share content from one platform to another. If you have already linked your accounts and want to see linked Instagram accounts on Facebook then this blog post will be helpful for you. Let’s see how we can do it.

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See linked Instagram accounts on Facebook

You can easily check which of your Instagram accounts are linked using Facebook. Following method will show you all linked Instagram accounts if you have any account linked:

  • First of all login to your Facebook account and open it on Facebook app
  • Click on your profile icon and open main menu
Accessing settings
  • Click on “Settings and Privacy” option
  • Now tap on “Settings” option
  • Scroll down and click on “Meta Accounts Center”
checking for connected insta and fb accounts
  • Click on “Profiles”. Here you can see all connected Instagram accounts with Facebook. 

  • Click on “Profiles”. Here you can see all connected Instagram accounts with Facebook. 

The other way is to go to your profile and you can see if you have added Instagram there or not, but it does not show all attached accounts.

How to link or unlink Instagram accounts with Facebook?

If you don’t have linked your Instagram account with Facebook then you can link it easily by following these steps:
Open your Facebook profile
Go to main menu
Click on “settings” and then “Settings and Privacy”
Scroll down and click on “Meta”
Tap on “Profiles”
You can add an account by clicking on “Add Account”. it will redirect you to the Instagram login page. You have to enter required information to link your account.
To unlink your account click on the Instagram account and then disconnect it.

How do I link my Facebook account with Instagram?

To link your Facebook account using Instagram you have to:
Open Instagram app
Click on profile icon
Click on three dashed lines and then tap on settings
Scroll down and tap on “Meta”
Click on “profiles” and then tap on “Add Accounts” and enter the login information to link your Facebook account.

How to Fix Instagram and Facebook accounts linking not working?

There can be any reason for which your Instagram and Facebook accounts are not linking. If you are having these problems then make it sure to fix:
Make it sure that you have connected your Instagram and Facebook accounts as described above.
After this, try to update your Instagram if it is not updated yet.
If the problem is not solved then you need to clear the Instagram app cache in your mobile. For this you have to open the option “apps and permissions” and then open Instagram and then clear cache.
Then go to the app permissions option on your phone and check all permissions for the Instagram app.
If the problem still remains then you should reinstall the app after uninstalling it.