How to share Facebook Reels in messenger?

How to share Facebook Reels in messenger?

Sharing feature is a very important feature on social media platforms that need to be discussed. Whether you are a blogger or social media influencer, social sharing of your content will always help you to get more reach and to promote your content to the right platforms.  Coming towards Facebook reels, reels are amazing short … Read more

How to recommend Instagram reels on Facebook?

recommend Instagram reels on Facebook

In the war of short content Instagram reels was launched in August of 2020 and got much popularity and public attention. Similar to tiktok videos, Instagram reels are short videos which are scrolled by a lot of audience on Instagram.  Compared to tiktok videos which have video length between 10 seconds and 10 minutes, Instagram … Read more

How to see linked Instagram accounts on Facebook?

how to see linked Instagram accounts to Facebook

Both Instagram and Facebook are Meta Social platforms and that is the reason these two platforms support cross sharing and many of the features which are supported on Instagram are also supported on Facebook.  Even Instagram is 6 years younger than Facebook, it has same attraction and engagement of the public as Facebook has. Many … Read more

How to share Instagram reels to Facebook feed in an easy way?

How to share instagram reels to Facebook feed in an easy way

Sharing posts from one platform to another platform helps in increasing the outreach and getting more attention. That is the reason why social media platforms are used to share posts from one platform to another as there is a huge potential in these platforms. You can cross share Instagram posts on Facebook and Facebook posts … Read more

How to know who viewed, liked and shared my Facebook reels – get fb reels insights easily

views, likes, shares and comments on Facebook reels

Keeping an eye on the content which we have published on our social platforms is important because it helps us to increase our reach to the right audience. When it comes to the fb reels then we can say that reels can help us a lot to increase our social media account reach. Just after … Read more